Should You Wait for Interest Rates to Go Down Prior to Refinancing Your Mortgage?

Article Posted by Expert Author: Tony Caro  on 04/08/2013

No one wishes to spend more than they have to on a mortgage interest rate. This is why they will look towards less costly refinancing options. However, local and national interest rates can fluctuate. Most people would certainly prefer to wait until interest rates are down until they refinance. This may or may not be a wise strategy depending upon your current situation. That is to say, if you are paying a very high interest rate or are locked into very costly monthly payments, you could end up suffering from financial distress due to the burden it places on you. So, in such a situation, waiting for interest rates to go down might not be the wisest plan. Thankfully, quality Phoenix refinance home mortgage services can offer excellent interest rates with better terms regardless of what current interest rates may be on a national level. If you can procure a better interest rate through one of these brokers, you may wish to take advantage of their offers.


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